Get the goose!
November 11th till December 31st, 2020

Enjoy in a homely atmosphere a fancy feast. During the pre-Christmas period you can order winter specialties from our Hyatt kitchen for pick-up (at least 5 days advanced notice).

Goose leg 45 Euro (for 4-6 Persons)
Duck 99 Euro (for 2-4 Persons)
Goose 189 Euro (for 1 Person)

Each including lamb’s lettuce, red cabbage, potato dumplings, baked apples, sauce and small dessert cakes.

You can also include:

Sauce 10 Euros
2 potato dumplings 4 Euros
Red cabbage 10 Euros
Salad 3 Euros

For reservations, call +49 6131 731 1537 or e-mail

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