Get your Goose

Once again during fall, we invite you every Sunday between 1 November and 23 December to enjoy our crispy goose with potato dumplings, red cabbage, gravy and apple chutney. We ask you to make a reservation in advance.

Price for 4 people incl. sides: 125 Euro

Price for 6 people incl. sides: 180 Euro

Or would you rather have a festive and comfortable holiday dinner with goose right at home? Not a problem!

You can order the following specialties between 11 November until 26 December 2018 from our Hyatt kitchen to take home:

Goose drumstick      31 Euro

Duck                           69 Euro

Turkey                      129 Euro

Goose                       149 Euro

(including potato dumplings, red cabbage, roasted apple and gravy)



For reservations, please call Meike Kirchberger on +49 6131 7311537 or e-mail

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