Wine. Joy. Friends. Rheinerwachen.

End of March until end of April 2022

In the spring season, enjoy a wine spritzer on the banks of the Rhine with a direct view of the water. Whether with family, friends or colleagues, sparkling enjoyment from Rhine Hesse tastes good.

The wine spritzer is a typical drink of the region. This is where wine and sparkling water meet in the typical “spritzer glass”, creating a delicious and refreshing drink.


Grauburgunder, Bäder (6.50/0.2l)

Sauvignon Blanc, Gröhl (6.50/0.2l)

Spätburgunder, Bettenheimer (6.50/0.2l)

Wine spritzer (Winery Braunewell)

Riesling Trocken (4.50/0.4l)

Rose (4.50/0.4l)


Radeberger Pils (4.50/0.5l)

Maisels Weisse original (4.50/0.5l)

Maisels Weisse Hefe alkoholfrei (4.50/0.5l)

Soft drinks and juices

Mineral Water (2.50/0.5l)

Coca Cola/light, Fanta, Sprite (4.00/0.5l)

Grape Juice Spritzers, Gröhl (4.00/0.4l)


Wild garlic bratwurst from the fire barrel in a bun | Mustard (6.00)

Mainz sausage salad | Cucumber| Onion | Crust bread from the Köstner bakery (5.50)

Wild garlic crusted rolls Veggie/Vegan | Tomato dip | Roasted kernels (4.50)

Spundekäse & salty pretzels (3.50)


Opening hours

Friday 2pm-8pm

Saturday & Sunday 12 noon-6pm

Closed in case of bad weather.


For more information, call our team at +49 6131 731 1537 or e-mail


All prices are in € and include VAT.


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