Aktion Rheinherbst

Weekly changing wineries are presented on the Rheintöchter terrace and you can also enjoy a small selection of dishes to go with the wines.


Opening hours

Wednesday-Friday 5pm-11pm for “Wine on the Rhein”

Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm for the “Schorletreff”


Participating wineries

12.-18.10. Geile Weine 19.-25.10. Weingut Eppelmann
26.10.-01.11. Stefan Breuer 02.-08.11. Weingut Znäg/Gänz
09.-15.11. Weingut Gröhl



For reservations, please contact call our team at +49 6131 731 1537 or e-mail mainz.kulinarisch@hyatt.com.

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