Offers: Goose Feast

Get the Goose!
11th November – 26th December 2022, Pick-up: 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm

***Last order request Dec, 20th 2022***

During the pre-Christmas season, you can order winter specialties from the Hyatt kitchen for pick-up.  Enjoy a first-class feast at home!

Lamb’s lettuce from Gonsenheim
pumpkin dressing, seeds, spiced tomato
Whole goose / duck or leg of goose
potato dumplings, cassis red cabbage, goose sauce
chocolate cake
tangerine & orange ragout

Goose (4-6 persons), incl. side dishes: 350€
Duck (2-4 persons), incl. side dishes: 120€
Duck leg (1 person), incl. side dishes: 35€
If you require more, you can order additional side dishes:
Two dumplings: 5€ | 800g red cabbage: 12€ | ~ 250 ml sauce: 14€ | ~ 400g chestnuts: 15€


Goose Carving
Every Sunday, from 13 November 2022, 5:30 & 6:30 pm

***Pre-order at least 3 working days in advance***

Get together with family or friends on Sunday evenings and enjoy a crispy free-range goose in the 3-course menu.

Lamb’s lettuce from Gonsenheim
pumpkin dressing, seeds, spiced tomato, toasted bread
Goose carved
potato dumplings, cassis red cabbage, pear and rosemary chutney, goose sauce
warm chocolate cake
gingerbread crumble, tangerine & orange ragout

Price for 4 people, incl. side dishes: 320€
Price for 6 people, incl. side dishes: 380€


Roast Goose
11th November – 26th December 2022

In an atmospheric ambience, we serve you a roast goose or duck as a plate dish every day. Look forward to a stewed leg of goose or duck with cassis red cabbage, potato dumplings, goose sauce and chestnuts.


Pre-order required at least 5 days in advance. Contact: 06131-731 1537 |