Offers: Goose Feast

Goose carving
14th November – 26th December 2021, every Sunday, 6:00pm & 8:00pm

Get together with your family or friends on Sunday evenings and enjoy a crispy goose.  We also serve classic side dishes such as red cabbage, potato dumplings, apple chutney and plenty of sauce.  The chef will carve your oven-fresh goose right at your table.

 Price for 4 persons, incl. side dishes: 159€
Price for 6 persons, incl. side dishes: 199€

Pre-order necessary. Contact: 06131 – 731 1537 |


Roast Goose
11th November – 26th December 2021

At Restaurant Bellpepper, we serve roast goose as a dish daily.  Look forward to a braised goose leg with red cabbage, which is flavoured with cassis, potato dumplings, spice melt and Brussels sprouts.

Price per dish: 36€


Get the Goose!
11th November – 26th December 2021, Pick-up: 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm

During the pre-Christmas season, you can order winter specialties from the Hyatt kitchen for pick-up.  Enjoy a first-class feast at home!

Lamb’s lettuce
Thistle dressing, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds
Whole goose / duck or leg of goose
Red cabbage, potato dumplings, sauce
Moelleux au Chocolat
Berry compote

Goose (4-6 persons), incl. side dishes: 199€
Duck (2-4 persons), incl. side dishes: 99€
Goose leg (1 person), incl. side dishes: 45€
If you require more, you can order additional side dishes:
Two dumplings: 4€ | 800g red cabbage: 10€ | ~ 250 ml sauce: 10€ | ~ 400g chestnuts: 10€ | A baked apple: 3€

Pre-order required at least 5 days in advance. Contact: 06131-731 1537 |